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Total Body Recovery Day Workout

I want to share my go-to recovery day movements with you! Decompression is an important part of any long-term program. These sequences always leave me feeling more stable, mobile, and energetic while providing me with confidence in my joints for upcoming harder sessions. I hope you enjoy the session! Please feel free to drop a comment with feedback and/or requests below. Optional equipment: TRX, ankle band, anchored resistance band, one moderate weight, and a bench or chair. (alternatives are provided if you don’t have any or all of the equipment listed) This session is great for all levels but be sure to consult with your physician before beginning any new workout routine!

{Post-Run} Rejuvenation Routine

Let’s revive those tired muscles and build resilience with this functional, great-for-all-levels routine! Grab a band and a foam roller for this 13 minute session. Perfect after a run, long hike or bike, swim, strength – you name it! Wind down the right way with sport-specific mobility, core and glute work.

Suspension Workout for Runners

Join Coach Becca for a FULL 35 minute workout using a suspension trainer! This functional sequence focuses on stability and strength with run-specific movements. Several options are shown, and each move is demonstrated and cued so you can train with confidence at any level. Great for anyone who runs, hikes, walks, or just wants a fantastic workout!

Supplemental Strength for Cyclists

Join Coach Becca, competitive triathlete, duathlete, accomplished time trialist, and track cyclist, for a cycling-specific strength and mobility routine! Enjoy functional movements as well as sports-specific movements to enhance your performance and activities of daily life while decreasing your risk of injuries. Please use appropriate weight, or forego weights in general if you are a novice.

Quick & Functional Core Workout

Got 20 minutes? Join Coach Becca for a quick session that’s sure to energize, mobilize, and strengthen your core with functional movement sequences! This session can be repeated for a 40 minute session as the sequences are only completed one time.

{Pre-Run} Activation Routine

Join me for a quick but effective FULL 10 minute activation routine, using a band and foam roller! This session is great before a run (easy, long and/or interval) as well as before a hike, walk, cycle session, swim, or heavy lift. I hope you’re up enjoy this dynamic, functional movement prep session! Don’t forget to hit {Post-Run} Rejuvenation Session after, too!

45′ Comprehensive Dryland Workout

Grab a resistance tube, chair, and ankle band for this fantastic dryland session. Designed for recreational and elite swimmers alike, this session begins at the feet and works up to the shoulders. Learn mobility, stability, flexibility, core and strength movement sequences specific to swimming while enjoying a light fast-twitch finale! I recommend swimmers complete a variety of dryland sessions 4-6xs/week, and this session in particular 1-2xs/week. As always, seek a physicians clearance before beginning any exercise routine and adapt movements when needed. Coach Becca works as the performance coach for the local aquatic club: King Swim Team.

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