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Triathlon: Out Season Workout #1

Welcome to the first session in Coach Becca’s Out Season workout series! These sessions are designed to improve resilience (stability, mobility, flexibility) while integrating functional strength movements specific to endurance athletes. You’ll need a set of light to moderate weights for today’s session. All levels welcome! Coach Becca is a triathlon, cycling, running, certified strength and conditioning coach, and USA swim coach. Even if you do not compete in endurance sports or triathlon, you can still benefit from these workouts!

Triathlon: Out Season Workout #4

Join Coach Becca for the 4th installment of her out season strength videos! These workouts are slightly progressive, however you do not need to complete the workouts prior before beginning. You’ll need an ankle circle band, a med ball OR single dumbbell, and a physio ball today. This workout is 25 minutes long, offers options for beginners and intermediate participants, and incorporates functional movements in all 3 planes of motion. Enjoy – and see you for Week 5!

Dynamic Total Body Session

Join Coach Becca for a full body, bodyweight sessions that’s just under 20 minutes! All you need is a towel. The goal of this workout is to increase joint function and mobility with intentional sequences while incorporating low impact, functional strength movements.

Core & Mobility [FULL, 15 Minute]

Join Coach Becca for a wonderful series of functional mobility and core movements! This session is a great way to open things up after a strenuous segment of training, or as a fun way to kickstart your day. Enjoy voice over cues on form with options for beginners and advanced alike. No equipment needed. Thanks for coming along on our weekly posting – see you next week for another fun, free, functional session!

Pre-Ride Mobility for Cyclists [Full, 15min]

Join me, Coach Becca, for a pre ride routine designed to mobilize the body from the bottom up with cycling specific movements! Enjoy basic strength moves with a fun twist along with dynamic movements to help your body stand up to the demands of cycling. All you need is a step, bench or chair that can support you standing on it! 🙂 All levels welcome!

Total Body Mobility [Full, 15 Minute]

15 minutes to more resilient joints! Join Coach Becca for a dynamic total body mobility session that starts at the ankles and ends at the shoulders, hitting all the major joints in between. 3 types of CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations) are featured today to increase your mobility, functional range of motion, and joint control. Cheers!

Summer Series #1: 8 Minute Abs

Join Coach Becca for a quick but effective core workout appropriate for all levels! No equipment needed. This is the first installment of Becca’s Summer Series: a series of workouts that are all 10 minutes or less and involve little to no equipment so you can stay toned without the time this summer! Cheers!

Triathlon: Out Season Workout #2

Join Coach Becca for her second workout in the Out Season series. Out Season is typically the season where endurance athletes build strength, correct imbalances and build resilience for the upcoming build. This series will be a progressive strength build that begins with mobility and injury prevention before completing a functional strength set. All workouts can be done at home, and various levels are shown. Voice over audio will provide cues for form! Even if you’re not an endurance athlete you can still benefit from this functional strength series. Please give it a try no matter your background! See you next time! New workout posted every 7-14 days in this workout series, so we hope you stick with it 💪🏽

Stability & Mobility (Full, Total Body)

Grab a tennis ball and/or a light weight for this gentle total body session! The goal of this 15 minute workout is to improve range of motion, function, and balance. Enjoy dynamic movements that simulate activities of daily life (like lifting or reaching/rotating) and include sport-specific movements. You should feel better after completing this session; a great warm up before a challenging lift or great before/after a cardio session or sport practice. All levels welcome!

Flexibility & Mobility [Full, Post-Swim]

Join Coach Becca for a 10 minute spine and shoulder mobility session! New movements in this session are brought to you by Coach Becca’s friends at Ignite Performance in Phoenix in addition to her friends at The Upgrade Guys 💪🏽 Keep things new, fresh, and focused on building a strong foundation. All you need is a chair or Bench, moderate weight, PVC pipe or broomstick, and an optional ball. All levels are welcome; even those who are not swimmers will benefit from these sequences! Be sure to check out both Ignite and The Upgrade Guys on social media – and see you next week!

Recovery Session [Full, Triathlon]

Join Coach Becca, competitive triathlete, runner, cyclist, USA Swim Coach, Ironman Coach, and ACE personal trainer for a functional recovery session! Rejuvenate muscles with mobility drills designed to enhance joint function and integrity. All you need is a mat, step or bench, a wall, and some water to keep that athletic body hydrated! Enjoy ☀️

Swim-Specific Mobility, Flexibility, and Core Activation

Join USA Swim Coach and competitive triathlete, Becca Kawaoka, for a total body session designed to activate and enlighten the body. While this session is designed with swimmers in mind, specifically those heading into a taper or pre-season training, the movements included are functional and applicable to anyone who wants to improve joint health and range of motion. Enjoy! ☀️

Summer Series #2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner

Join Coach Becca for Summer Series Workout 2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner! All you need is a step, bench or chair for this session. Enjoy a variety of options as you work your entire body with a functional and effective movement sequence.

Triathlon: Out Season Workout #3

A 25 minute total body session that begins with 10-15 minutes of injury prevention before a 10 minute strength circuit. You’ll need a step and a set of weights, moderate with an optional set of slightly heavier weights. This is a slight progression from Workout 1 & 2, although this workout can be done without completing those workouts prior. See you next week!

15 Minute Functional Leg Workout

Join Coach Becca for the next installment of her summer serious workouts! This session builds stability, mobility, joint resilience, and core/leg strength. All you need is a step or bench, a mat, and water to complete this quick, efficient, functional workout. Cheers!

Summer Series #3: 5 Minute Family Workout!

Summer Series Workout 3: Five Minute Family Workout! Made specifically for kids to join! This 5 minute workout is a great way to introduce kids of love ages to strength training. Join Coach Becca and her nieces, Emma (5) and Lydia (3) for a quick bodyweight workout! Tune in each week for a new time-efficient exercise routine!

Summer Series #6: 8 Minute Arms & Core

Summer Series rolls on with 8 minute arms and core! All you need is a set of moderate weights (or full water bottles!) to accomplish this functional and time effective workout. All levels welcome!

15-Minute Knee Resilience

“I would but my knees are killing me.” If you’re sick of sitting out of fun activities or an exercise regimen because of chronic knee pain, then it’s time for a change! Join me for a 15 minute routine that can be done anywhere with no equipment. I recommend completing this 2-3 times a week for best results. Here’s to healthy knees and no excuses! Consult with a physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Summer Series #5: 10 Minute Butt & Core Workout

Join Coach Becca in beautiful Twin Lakes, Idaho for a quick and effective glute and core workout! A band and chair are optional, but not necessary. All exercises are demonstrated and cued with voice over audio. For this workout, you will always complete repetitions of 12. Enjoy, and see you next week!

Summer Series #4: Six Minute 6 Pack Circuit

Join Coach Becca for the next installment of her summer series! 6 minutes of advanced core training with no equipment to give you the best bang for your buck. Variations and instructions offered in voice over audio!

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