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Run-Specific Injury Prevention

Join me for a short (13 minute) full injury prevention workout tailored to runners! Mobility and stability focused, this session is great prior to or after a run workout. Great for all levels (and non-runners, too!)

Total Body Functional Session

Join me for a 20 minute total body session that’s great for all levels! You’ll need a tennis, therapy or lacrosse ball, and circle/ankle band, light to moderate weight, and a foam roller. Awesome as a warm up, recovery session, or jump start to a new training routine! Enjoy ☀️

In Season Workout #4

Welcome back to the fourth installment of the In Season Workout series! Today, you’ll need a moderately weighted medicine ball or dumbbell. We’re focusing on functional core, strength and mobility today with the goal of rejuvenating fatigued muscles! Great workout for anyone looking to be stronger, longer!

In Season Workout #3

Welcome to the third installment of In Season Workouts! Today’s session is all bodyweight strength, stability, and mobility with the intention of rejuvenation with functional movements. This workout is great during a peaking or loading phase when the body may feel a bit more broken down, or if you’re just getting into training again! Everything should be pain free. Enjoy!

Triathlon-Specific Total Body Workout

Join me for a 25 minute functional session that combines sport-specific lifting complexes (swim-bike-run specific) stretches and more! You’ll need a set of light to moderate weights, and a mat. This workout is great for all levels, but is considered an intermediate workout. You don’t have to be a triathlete to enjoy this session! Enjoy!

Race Recovery Session

Join me for a post-race recovery session that’s meant to check in with the body and aide in the recovery process! No equipment required. *this is a great mobility, stability and flexibility session for those of you who don’t actively participate in racing, too! Life is a race is many ways, so do not let the title discourage you from giving it a go!

In-Season Workout #2

Welcome to session 2 of my in season workout series! This workout is meant to build the body up using functional strength, stability, mobility and core movements. Fantastic for in season endurance athletes, and all levels of people looking to be more functional! You’ll need a set of moderate weights.

10 Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

Join me for a quick but effective core – focused sessions! I’ve put together exercises that train core stability, strength, and endurance as well as engaging the glute and arms muscles as well. Ten minutes is better than nothing – and this workout definitely packs a punch in a pinch! 🙂 Enjoy!

10 Minute Total Body Chair Workout

Join me for the first installment of my new 10 Minute Toner series: Chair Workout! All you need is 10 minutes and a chair for this total-body, functional bodyweight workout. Modifications offered so all levels welcome!

In-Season Workout #1 (FULL, Endurance)

Hey there and welcome to my newest series: In Season training for endurance athletes! You do NOT *have* to be an endurance athlete to complete this or benefit from it. We start with a dynamic mobility set before a functional strength set. A tennis or lacrosse ball, chair that will support your weight, and light to moderate weights will be needed today. All levels welcome, though I would categorize this as an intermediate to advanced workout. Cheers!

Lunch Break Lift

Join me for a short and effective, functional and total body session! Great for a quick session that requires little space and optional equipment. (weights or water bottles or completely bodyweight!) Options for all levels are demonstrated. Complete one round and head back to work with a clear mind, or bust out a second round if you’re able!

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