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At Home Kettlebell Workout

Join Coach Becca for an effective, calorie-burning, muscle-building 30 minute at-home session! This session is great for those newer to kettlebell training. Becca show proper lifting and entry techniques for safe, functional kettlebell training. Be sure to start with a lighter weight while watching Becca’s demonstration and listening to her form cues to improve your technique before using heavy weight. Coach Becca recommends tracking the weight you use, and doing this workout once per week. Gradually increase weight by no more than 10% as you consistently improve with your technique and strength with this great weekly workout!

Total Body Stability

An effective training program starts with stability: core stability, lower body stability, and upper body stability. From there, one can build mobility, flexibility, strength endurance, and eventually power. Start your workout program right with Coach Becca as she trains from the inside out, from the bottom to the top. Total Body Stability is a great 20 minute routine that can be done DAILY if desired. This workout is essential for high performance athletes and Mom and Pop looking for less injuries. Use this as a warm up or warm down from a key run, hard workout, or stand alone bodyweight strength routine. A light weight, towel, or canned good is recommended.

Post Run Routine

Join Coach Becca and her coach/husband, Elliot, in 20 minutes of post-run injury prevention movements. You may use equipment (foam roller, PVC pipe, ankle band) if desired. Elliot and Becca will demonstrate each exercise, one will use equipment while the other will do a bodyweight option. This workout is perfect for all levels!

Just Core!

Coach Becca leads a functional core session great for all levels! Just over 20 minutes, this session also incorporates mobility training to improve posture. Becca’s fundamental core concepts incorporate core stability exercises, strengthening your core from the INSIDE out! Enjoy!

Bodyweight Basics #1

Welcome to Coach Becca’s bodyweight series! This four part series was designed specifically for beginners with limited equipment, but is also appropriate for those rehabbing injuries post physical therapy, endurance athletes, or those looking to improve their form on basic bodyweight movement patterns. This 20 minute workout can be repeated to make a full 40 minute session. Hope to see you for Session #2!

THE BEST: Total Body Strength

This 30 minute session has it all: Balance, Mobility, Functional Compound Strength Movements, and Core. Join Coach Becca for this quick but effective session, designed to burn calories while building muscles with exercises that target several major muscle groups at once. A great session to do once a week and track your strength gains by increasing your resistance by 10%.

Seated Workout #1

Join Becca in a seated session, great for seniors or those recovering from a lower body injury/surgery! A chair or bench is required, along with an optional set of resistance, such as light to moderate weights or canned goods. It may be more appropriate for some to do this without any weights at all! This is the first session of a seated series with Coach Becca, so stay tuned for upcoming workouts. Hit subscribe to get notifications on the next session!

Home Dumbbell Workout: Legs & Shoulders

Get ready for an action-packed, quality-over-quantity workout with Coach Becca! This session will keep you moving to maximize your workout time. Using her functional fitness approach, Becca demonstrates a series of functional, dynamic movements designed to increase mobility and core stability while toning the legs and arms. A great workout for endurance athletes looking to gain strength/decrease injuries, as well as every day fitness enthusiasts looking for variety in their regimen. This is sure to be common one of your GO-TO workouts!

Swimmer’s Injury Prevention

A 20 minute, swim-specific set of functional movements designed to increase range of motion and coordination while activating the core and glutes. This segment can be done 2-3 times per week to decrease injuries and increase performance.

Arms & Core

Grab a set of light to moderate weights and join Becca for a functional upper body and core session! This 20 minute workout relies on short rest to ensure an effective, toning focused result. Improve your range of motion and balance while toning trouble spots. As always, Coach Becca will demonstrate each rep (typically reps of 12 today) and cue each functional movement. See you next time for Legs & Core!

Indoor Cardio & Core

Whether you’re struggling against the weather (no pun intended!) or looking to burn some calories while watching your kiddos, this indoor sweat session will get your heart rate pumping with a blend of functional exercises! Safe for all levels, this 30 minute session starts with a warm up before a challenging and diverse main set. Wrap things up with a 5 minute core sequence that’s sure to leave your abs burning! Enjoy!

Seated Workout #2

Another low impact, seated session ideal for those who have lower body limitations, seniors, or those looking to target upper body mobility and endurance! Enjoy a variety of options with voice over cueing, and a special intro with Coach Becca’s furry friends!

Guided Stretching

A 20 minute guided stretching routine appropriate for all levels. Have an accessible wall, chair, and hand towel ready to enhance your workout. No equipment is needed. Coach Becca demonstrates stretches for all levels, from basic to advanced. Unwind with this series 2-4 times per week!

Bodyweight Session #4

Back by popular demand, Becca leads a creative, dynamic, functional workout that requires absolutely no equipment! With precise, encouraging voice-over audio, Coach Becca will guide you through this fun workout in just under 30 minutes. Cheers!

Low Back Relief Routine

Coach Becca leads an easy to follow routine to help prevent chronic low back pain. Learn breathing techniques that help improve posture, glute and core activation drills, as well as core and glute stability exercises to keep back pain at bay.

Total Body Dumbbell Workout #1

Enjoy a variety-packed, total body workout with resistance! Coach Becca uses a set of weights and a chair or bench today. She will demonstrate each movement and cue with voice over audio, as well as provide alternative options based on what you may be using!

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