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Total Body Mobility [Full, 15 Minute]

15 minutes to more resilient joints! Join Coach Becca for a dynamic total body mobility session that starts at the ankles and ends at the shoulders, hitting all the major joints in between. 3 types of CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations) are featured today to increase your mobility, functional range of motion, and joint control. Cheers!

Summer Series #1: 8 Minute Abs

Join Coach Becca for a quick but effective core workout appropriate for all levels! No equipment needed. This is the first installment of Becca’s Summer Series: a series of workouts that are all 10 minutes or less and involve little to no equipment so you can stay toned without the time this summer! Cheers!

Summer Series #4: Six Minute 6 Pack Circuit

Join Coach Becca for the next installment of her summer series! 6 minutes of advanced core training with no equipment to give you the best bang for your buck. Variations and instructions offered in voice over audio!

Full Strength Workout for Triathletes

Join competitive triathlete & triathlon coach, Becca Kawaoka, for a FULL in-season workout designed for swim-bike-run athletes! All levels welcome. Equipment is optional and flexible, so use what you have. Of course, anyone can benefit from this functional workout, even those who don’t actively participate or plan to participate in triathlon! Please consult with a physician before engaging in a new workout routine.

Swim-Specific Mobility, Flexibility, and Core Activation

Join USA Swim Coach and competitive triathlete, Becca Kawaoka, for a total body session designed to activate and enlighten the body. While this session is designed with swimmers in mind, specifically those heading into a taper or pre-season training, the movements included are functional and applicable to anyone who wants to improve joint health and range of motion. Enjoy! ☀️

Summer Series #2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner

Join Coach Becca for Summer Series Workout 2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner! All you need is a step, bench or chair for this session. Enjoy a variety of options as you work your entire body with a functional and effective movement sequence.

Summer Series #5: 10 Minute Butt & Core Workout

Join Coach Becca in beautiful Twin Lakes, Idaho for a quick and effective glute and core workout! A band and chair are optional, but not necessary. All exercises are demonstrated and cued with voice over audio. For this workout, you will always complete repetitions of 12. Enjoy, and see you next week!

Travel Limbering Routine

Hey guys! Join me for a quick series of movements you can complete after driving or flying in just about any space. The final series utilizes a band, but you can do those movements without a band if you forgot to bring one. Enjoy!

Summer Series #3: 5 Minute Family Workout!

Summer Series Workout 3: Five Minute Family Workout! Made specifically for kids to join! This 5 minute workout is a great way to introduce kids of love ages to strength training. Join Coach Becca and her nieces, Emma (5) and Lydia (3) for a quick bodyweight workout! Tune in each week for a new time-efficient exercise routine!

Summer Series #6: 8 Minute Arms & Core

Summer Series rolls on with 8 minute arms and core! All you need is a set of moderate weights (or full water bottles!) to accomplish this functional and time effective workout. All levels welcome!

15-Minute Knee Resilience

“I would but my knees are killing me.” If you’re sick of sitting out of fun activities or an exercise regimen because of chronic knee pain, then it’s time for a change! Join me for a 15 minute routine that can be done anywhere with no equipment. I recommend completing this 2-3 times a week for best results. Here’s to healthy knees and no excuses! Consult with a physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Quick & Functional Core Workout

Got 20 minutes? Join Coach Becca for a quick session that’s sure to energize, mobilize, and strengthen your core with functional movement sequences! This session can be repeated for a 40 minute session as the sequences are only completed one time.

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