Sport Specific

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Run Specific Workouts

Post Run Routine

Join Coach Becca and her coach/husband, Elliot, in 20 minutes of post-run injury prevention movements. You may use equipment (foam roller, PVC pipe, ankle band) if desired. Elliot and Becca will demonstrate each exercise, one will use equipment while the other will do a bodyweight option. This workout is perfect for all levels!

5′ Injury Prevention Workout for Runners

This quick, 10 exercise sequence is perfect before or after a run. The session has been designed with run-specific movements and to target major muscles used while running. Perfect for all levels.

Intro to Barefoot Training

If you’ve struggled with running injuries, chronic low back pain, shin splints, or simply prefer minimalist workouts, this is for you. This is a simple, 15 minute introduction to movements you can do barefoot. Great before a cardio or weights session, or as a stand-alone rehabilitation workout.

Barefoot Training Part II

Continue to improve balance, proprioception, stability, and mobility with this 10 minute routine. This session works great if you’ve already complete Intro to Barefoot Mechanics. If you haven’t, be sure to check that segment out on alternate days! This session can be done 2-4xs per week. Great for runners, or any athlete!

Cycling Specific Workouts

Mobility Sequence for Cyclists

This 15-minute, fully guided mobility session will improve posture, hip and spine mobility, decrease recovery time, all while activating core and glutes. We recommend doing this after a ride, but it would serve as a fine warm up before riding as well. We recommend doing this routine 2-4xs/week for a month (and beyond!) to see noticeable improvements in your function!

Swim Specific Workouts

Becca’s Indoor Swim Cord Training

Designed specifically for swimmers who lack pool access, this session provides a swim-specific strength and form routine to keep your touch for the water, without water! A simple 1 minute on, 30 seconds rest circuit, done 2-3 times. Focus on high-elbows and following through to improve your swim stroke once back in the water.

Core Training for Swimmers

3 Rounds of :45-:60 on, with :30-:60 rest. Be sure to do :45-:60 on both sides of a single-sided exercise as demonstrated. This workout was designed to improve core stability, core endurance, and core strength. Circuit training will keep your heart rate up, so some light aerobic benefits as well! Stretching, balance and mobility work included in the cool down. Enjoy!

Swimmer’s Injury Prevention

A 20 minute, swim-specific set of functional movements designed to increase range of motion and coordination while activating the core and glutes. This segment can be done 2-3 times per week to decrease injuries and increase performance.

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