Sport Specific

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Run Specific Workouts

Run-Specific Injury Prevention

Join me for a short (13 minute) full injury prevention workout tailored to runners! Mobility and stability focused, this session is great prior to or after a run workout. Great for all levels (and non-runners, too!)

Suspension Workout for Runners

Join Coach Becca for a FULL 35 minute workout using a suspension trainer! This functional sequence focuses on stability and strength with run-specific movements. Several options are shown, and each move is demonstrated and cued so you can train with confidence at any level. Great for anyone who runs, hikes, walks, or just wants a fantastic workout!

Post Run Routine

Join Coach Becca and her coach/husband, Elliot, in 20 minutes of post-run injury prevention movements. You may use equipment (foam roller, PVC pipe, ankle band) if desired. Elliot and Becca will demonstrate each exercise, one will use equipment while the other will do a bodyweight option. This workout is perfect for all levels!

{Pre-Run} Activation Routine

Join me for a quick but effective FULL 10 minute activation routine, using a band and foam roller! This session is great before a run (easy, long and/or interval) as well as before a hike, walk, cycle session, swim, or heavy lift. I hope you’re up enjoy this dynamic, functional movement prep session! Don’t forget to hit {Post-Run} Rejuvenation Session after, too!

Intro to Barefoot Training

If you’ve struggled with running injuries, chronic low back pain, shin splints, or simply prefer minimalist workouts, this is for you. This is a simple, 15 minute introduction to movements you can do barefoot. Great before a cardio or weights session, or as a stand-alone rehabilitation workout.

{Post-Run} Rejuvenation Routine

Let’s revive those tired muscles and build resilience with this functional, great-for-all-levels routine! Grab a band and a foam roller for this 13 minute session. Perfect after a run, long hike or bike, swim, strength – you name it! Wind down the right way with sport-specific mobility, core and glute work.

Barefoot Training Part II

Continue to improve balance, proprioception, stability, and mobility with this 10 minute routine. This session works great if you’ve already complete Intro to Barefoot Mechanics. If you haven’t, be sure to check that segment out on alternate days! This session can be done 2-4xs per week. Great for runners, or any athlete!

5′ Injury Prevention Workout for Runners

This quick, 10 exercise sequence is perfect before or after a run. The session has been designed with run-specific movements and to target major muscles used while running. Perfect for all levels.

Cycling Specific Workouts

Supplemental Strength for Cyclists

Join Coach Becca, competitive triathlete, duathlete, accomplished time trialist, and track cyclist, for a cycling-specific strength and mobility routine! Enjoy functional movements as well as sports-specific movements to enhance your performance and activities of daily life while decreasing your risk of injuries. Please use appropriate weight, or forego weights in general if you are a novice.

Mobility Sequence for Cyclists

This 15-minute, fully guided mobility session will improve posture, hip and spine mobility, decrease recovery time, all while activating core and glutes. We recommend doing this after a ride, but it would serve as a fine warm up before riding as well. We recommend doing this routine 2-4xs/week for a month (and beyond!) to see noticeable improvements in your function!

Pre-Ride Mobility for Cyclists [Full, 15min]

Join me, Coach Becca, for a pre ride routine designed to mobilize the body from the bottom up with cycling specific movements! Enjoy basic strength moves with a fun twist along with dynamic movements to help your body stand up to the demands of cycling. All you need is a step, bench or chair that can support you standing on it! 🙂 All levels welcome!

Swim Specific Workouts

Swim – Specific Shoulder & Spine Mobility

Hey guys! Coach Becca here. Enjoy a 20 minute spine and shoulder resilience session that will help increase shoulder/spine mobility to decrease potential shoulder injuries 💪🏽 All you need is a chair, couch or bench and an optional tennis ball/single weight. All movements should be pain free! If you are currently in pain or dealing with an acute / chronic shoulder injury, you should seek medical attention.

Flexibility & Mobility [Full, Post-Swim]

Join Coach Becca for a 10 minute spine and shoulder mobility session! New movements in this session are brought to you by Coach Becca’s friends at Ignite Performance in Phoenix in addition to her friends at The Upgrade Guys 💪🏽 Keep things new, fresh, and focused on building a strong foundation. All you need is a chair or Bench, moderate weight, PVC pipe or broomstick, and an optional ball. All levels are welcome; even those who are not swimmers will benefit from these sequences! Be sure to check out both Ignite and The Upgrade Guys on social media – and see you next week!

45′ Comprehensive Dryland Workout

Grab a resistance tube, chair, and ankle band for this fantastic dryland session. Designed for recreational and elite swimmers alike, this session begins at the feet and works up to the shoulders. Learn mobility, stability, flexibility, core and strength movement sequences specific to swimming while enjoying a light fast-twitch finale! I recommend swimmers complete a variety of dryland sessions 4-6xs/week, and this session in particular 1-2xs/week. As always, seek a physicians clearance before beginning any exercise routine and adapt movements when needed. Coach Becca works as the performance coach for the local aquatic club: King Swim Team.

Swim-Specific Mobility, Flexibility, and Core Activation

Join USA Swim Coach and competitive triathlete, Becca Kawaoka, for a total body session designed to activate and enlighten the body. While this session is designed with swimmers in mind, specifically those heading into a taper or pre-season training, the movements included are functional and applicable to anyone who wants to improve joint health and range of motion. Enjoy! ☀️

Core Training for Swimmers

3 Rounds of :45-:60 on, with :30-:60 rest. Be sure to do :45-:60 on both sides of a single-sided exercise as demonstrated. This workout was designed to improve core stability, core endurance, and core strength. Circuit training will keep your heart rate up, so some light aerobic benefits as well! Stretching, balance and mobility work included in the cool down. Enjoy!

Swimmer’s Injury Prevention

A 20 minute, swim-specific set of functional movements designed to increase range of motion and coordination while activating the core and glutes. This segment can be done 2-3 times per week to decrease injuries and increase performance.

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