Core & Mobility Workouts

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Core and Mobility

Travel Limbering Routine

Hey guys! Join me for a quick series of movements you can complete after driving or flying in just about any space. The final series utilizes a band, but you can do those movements without a band if you forgot to bring one. Enjoy!

Glutes & Core

Join me for a 25 minute functional Glute & Core workout! I use a kettlebell for two exercises and a step bench or chair for one exercise. Equipment is optional but may enhance your workout. This session is dedicated to the loving memory of “Papa” Don Grubb, who we recently lost to Covid-19 complications. Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen!

Ankles, Knees, and Hips: Stability, Flexibility & Mobility

This workout starts with a basic balance test (Stork) that you can use to track your imbalances, and weekly progress! This session is a fantastic injury prevention and prehab routine, as it incorporates stability, flexibility, and mobility in all three planes of movement. Work to build a solid foundation from the bottom up, inside out all in just under 30 minutes. Complete 2-3 times a week for best results.

Guided Stretching

A 20 minute guided stretching routine appropriate for all levels. Have an accessible wall, chair, and hand towel ready to enhance your workout. No equipment is needed. Coach Becca demonstrates stretches for all levels, from basic to advanced. Unwind with this series 2-4 times per week!

Session 1

Kick off Coach Becca’s four part series with this easy to follow 20 minute routine! The sessions do not need to be completed in sequential order. Each bodyweight workout is appropriate for any fitness level. These sessions are designed to improve core stability, muscular endurance, range of motion, flexibility, and balance.

Session 4

Coach Becca wraps up her four part series with this fun and functional body weight session! Engage your core while increasing your mobility, balance, and flexibility. Perfect for all levels!

Arms & Core

Grab a set of light to moderate weights and join Becca for a functional upper body and core session! This 20 minute workout relies on short rest to ensure an effective, toning focused result. Improve your range of motion and balance while toning trouble spots. As always, Coach Becca will demonstrate each rep (typically reps of 12 today) and cue each functional movement. See you next time for Legs & Core!

Quick & Functional Core Workout

Got 20 minutes? Join Coach Becca for a quick session that’s sure to energize, mobilize, and strengthen your core with functional movement sequences! This session can be repeated for a 40 minute session as the sequences are only completed one time.

Core & More!

Join Coach Becca for a creative, functional movement session! This bodyweight workout is the product of a Kawaoka Coaching’s philosophy: Listen to your body & Train sustainably. Work from the bottom to the top, focusing on stability, flexibility, and mobility while incorporating core movements. Improve your strength from the inside out, the deepest layers to the most superficial, to improve your function. Enjoy!

Session 2

Becca will take your through a dynamic flow of movements to energize, activate, and rejuvenate muscles while improving core strength, shoulder mobility, and flexibility. Perfect for all levels.

Just Core!

Coach Becca leads a functional core session great for all levels! Just over 20 minutes, this session also incorporates mobility training to improve posture. Becca’s fundamental core concepts incorporate core stability exercises, strengthening your core from the INSIDE out! Enjoy!

10′ Multi-Planar Session

This fast and effective core workout strengthens your core in all 3 planes of movement: sagittal, lateral, and transverse! Improve your core stability and stamina from all angles. Perfect for athletes, or novice fitness gurus looking for a better, stronger core.

5′ Office Core Workout

A perfect, quick workout to do at your desk!

5′ Mobility Based Warmup

A quick but effective mobility and stability-based warm up. Perfect before aerobic exercise or strength sessions.

15-Minute Knee Resilience

“I would but my knees are killing me.” If you’re sick of sitting out of fun activities or an exercise regimen because of chronic knee pain, then it’s time for a change! Join me for a 15 minute routine that can be done anywhere with no equipment. I recommend completing this 2-3 times a week for best results. Here’s to healthy knees and no excuses! Consult with a physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Functional Core Session

Simple and effective! Optional equipment. Movements are shown with and without equipment, along with progressions and regressions. Depending on how many times you do this, it can be a 15 or 30 minute workout.

Session 3

Today, you’ll need a chair or step for a few exercises. Enjoy using your bodyweight for resistance as Becca guides you through a short but effective workout. Improve your balance, range of motion, and core strength with workout #3!

Work From Home – Desk Mobility

A mobility and activation sequence meant to mobilize the spine and wake up the glutes and core while lengthening hip flexors. A quick session for those sitting for long periods time.

20′ Core Fusion Workout

This 20 minute session flows from yoga sequences, to hip opening mobility patterns, to tough core movements. Who says you can’t get leaner and more flexible in one session? Enjoy! Great for all levels.

10′ Wall Sit and Plank Session

S I M P L E concept. Wall Sit for 30 to 60 seconds. Plank for 30 to 60 seconds. The movements shown are variations meant to spice up the time spent holding these two simple but effective movements. 10 minutes to toned!

Total Body Mobility Session

20-30 minutes of dynamic mobility and movement sequences. Perfect for athletes (especially swimmers) and/or those frequently seated in front of a computer. Complete each movement 1-2 times for the time duration listed. Enjoy!

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