Upper Body Workouts

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Summer Series #6: 8 Minute Arms & Core

Summer Series rolls on with 8 minute arms and core! All you need is a set of moderate weights (or full water bottles!) to accomplish this functional and time effective workout. All levels welcome!

Seated Workout #2

Another low impact, seated session ideal for those who have lower body limitations, seniors, or those looking to target upper body mobility and endurance! Enjoy a variety of options with voice over cueing, and a special intro with Coach Becca’s furry friends!

Low Back Relief Routine

Coach Becca leads an easy to follow routine to help prevent chronic low back pain. Learn breathing techniques that help improve posture, glute and core activation drills, as well as core and glute stability exercises to keep back pain at bay.

Seated Workout #1

Join Becca in a seated session, great for seniors or those recovering from a lower body injury/surgery! A chair or bench is required, along with an optional set of resistance, such as light to moderate weights or canned goods. It may be more appropriate for some to do this without any weights at all! This is the first session of a seated series with Coach Becca, so stay tuned for upcoming workouts. Hit subscribe to get notifications on the next session!

Arms & Core

Grab a set of light to moderate weights and join Becca for a functional upper body and core session! This 20 minute workout relies on short rest to ensure an effective, toning focused result. Improve your range of motion and balance while toning trouble spots. As always, Coach Becca will demonstrate each rep (typically reps of 12 today) and cue each functional movement. See you next time for Legs & Core!

Shoulder and Spine Mobility Session

A 10-minute injury prevention routine that’s perfect for those suffering from chronic shoulder pain! Learn spine and shoulder range of motion exercises, check your weekly improvement with a mobility test exercise, and work towards a pain free life. Great for swimmers, baseball players, and manual laborers like flight attendant, etc who have to lift overhead!

25’ Mobility, Upper Body & Core Workout

This workout starts with a dynamic activation and mobility set before beginning a challenging upper body and core focused workout. Coach Becca demonstrates all the exercises, but be ready to go: the rest time is minimal! Improve your Range of Motion (ROM) and upper body strength / endurance, all while toning your midsection with this functional workout.

30′ Upper Body, Core, Plyo Workout

Coach Becca leads a 5 minute warm up prior to a challenging upper body and core strength segment. Hang in there when the effort punches up for a plyometric sequence! After doing the circuit once, she will take you back through the movements. Becca recommends using canned goods or weights for this session.

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