Total Body Workouts

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Dynamic Total Body Session

Join Coach Becca for a full body, bodyweight sessions that’s just under 20 minutes! All you need is a towel. The goal of this workout is to increase joint function and mobility with intentional sequences while incorporating low impact, functional strength movements.

Summer Series #3: 5 Minute Family Workout!

Summer Series Workout 3: Five Minute Family Workout! Made specifically for kids to join! This 5 minute workout is a great way to introduce kids of love ages to strength training. Join Coach Becca and her nieces, Emma (5) and Lydia (3) for a quick bodyweight workout! Tune in each week for a new time-efficient exercise routine!

Full Strength Workout for Triathletes

Join competitive triathlete & triathlon coach, Becca Kawaoka, for a FULL in-season workout designed for swim-bike-run athletes! All levels welcome. Equipment is optional and flexible, so use what you have. Of course, anyone can benefit from this functional workout, even those who don’t actively participate or plan to participate in triathlon! Please consult with a physician before engaging in a new workout routine.

Holiday “Burn” # 4: Stretching!

The holidays (and life/working out in general) can be VERY stressful; it is important to slow down and mindfully connect with our bodies. This session specifically targets flexibility and mobility in all joints and muscles. I’m excited for you to try it! Enjoy this session daily or once a week, but the more you do it the better your flexibility will get! 🙂 Cheers! You will need a towel and a chair or table for today’s workout.

Resistance Band Workout

Join Coach Becca for a 32 minute session using a moderate Theraband and moderate resistance tube. A fantastic session that begins with injury prevention and activation before moving into upper body toning and finishing with core. Enjoy!

THE BEST: Total Body Strength

This 30 minute session has it all: Balance, Mobility, Functional Compound Strength Movements, and Core. Join Coach Becca for this quick but effective session, designed to burn calories while building muscles with exercises that target several major muscle groups at once. A great session to do once a week and track your strength gains by increasing your resistance by 10%.

Total Body Stability

An effective training program starts with stability: core stability, lower body stability, and upper body stability. From there, one can build mobility, flexibility, strength endurance, and eventually power. Start your workout program right with Coach Becca as she trains from the inside out, from the bottom to the top. Total Body Stability is a great 20 minute routine that can be done DAILY if desired. This workout is essential for high performance athletes and Mom and Pop looking for less injuries. Use this as a warm up or warm down from a key run, hard workout, or stand alone bodyweight strength routine. A light weight, towel, or canned good is recommended.

Bodyweight Basics #3

Wrap up Becca’s 3 part series, Bodyweight Basics, with a fun new element: supersets! Today, Becca will demonstrate and explain each movement while giving you the chance to repeat new exercises. This full body workout will take just under 25 minutes. Enjoy the fun progressions from the previous sessions while learning some new content as well. Great for all levels, but specifically designed for those new to exercise, post physical therapy clients, and endurance athletes.

Home Dumbbell Workout: Legs & Shoulders

Get ready for an action-packed, quality-over-quantity workout with Coach Becca! This session will keep you moving to maximize your workout time. Using her functional fitness approach, Becca demonstrates a series of functional, dynamic movements designed to increase mobility and core stability while toning the legs and arms. A great workout for endurance athletes looking to gain strength/decrease injuries, as well as every day fitness enthusiasts looking for variety in their regimen. This is sure to be common one of your GO-TO workouts!

Bodyweight Basics #1

Welcome to Coach Becca’s bodyweight series! This four part series was designed specifically for beginners with limited equipment, but is also appropriate for those rehabbing injuries post physical therapy, endurance athletes, or those looking to improve their form on basic bodyweight movement patterns. This 20 minute workout can be repeated to make a full 40 minute session. Hope to see you for Session #2!

H20 Sweat Session

All you need is two full water bottles and 20 minutes! This total body workout is filled with compound movements and short rest. You certainly won’t be bored following along with Becca! Strategically designed to cross planes of movement to prepare you for sports and activities of daily life. Great for all levels!

Stability & Mobility (Full, Total Body)

Grab a tennis ball and/or a light weight for this gentle total body session! The goal of this 15 minute workout is to improve range of motion, function, and balance. Enjoy dynamic movements that simulate activities of daily life (like lifting or reaching/rotating) and include sport-specific movements. You should feel better after completing this session; a great warm up before a challenging lift or great before/after a cardio session or sport practice. All levels welcome!

Summer Series #2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner

Join Coach Becca for Summer Series Workout 2: Ten Minute Total Body Toner! All you need is a step, bench or chair for this session. Enjoy a variety of options as you work your entire body with a functional and effective movement sequence.

Total Body Recovery Day Workout

I want to share my go-to recovery day movements with you! Decompression is an important part of any long-term program. These sequences always leave me feeling more stable, mobile, and energetic while providing me with confidence in my joints for upcoming harder sessions. I hope you enjoy the session! Please feel free to drop a comment with feedback and/or requests below.

Optional equipment: TRX, ankle band, anchored resistance band, one moderate weight, and a bench or chair. (alternatives are provided if you don’t have any or all of the equipment listed)

This session is great for all levels but be sure to consult with your physician before beginning any new workout routine!

Holiday Burn #2: Kettlebell

Join me for a 25-minute total body kettlebell workout! I recommend using a light to moderate bell (#5-#20) This session includes single leg, single arm, and multiplanar movements, put together to improve motor function, balance, coordination, mobility, and muscular endurance. I hope you find this a simple but effective session during the busy holidays!

Indoor Cardio & Core

Whether you’re struggling against the weather (no pun intended!) or looking to burn some calories while watching your kiddos, this indoor sweat session will get your heart rate pumping with a blend of functional exercises! Safe for all levels, this 30 minute session starts with a warm up before a challenging and diverse main set. Wrap things up with a 5 minute core sequence that’s sure to leave your abs burning! Enjoy!

Total Body Dumbbell Workout #1

Enjoy a variety-packed, total body workout with resistance! Coach Becca uses a set of weights and a chair or bench today. She will demonstrate each movement and cue with voice over audio, as well as provide alternative options based on what you may be using!

Bodyweight Session #4

Back by popular demand, Becca leads a creative, dynamic, functional workout that requires absolutely no equipment! With precise, encouraging voice-over audio, Coach Becca will guide you through this fun workout in just under 30 minutes. Cheers!

20′ Compound Strength & Mobility Workout

Compound movements pair a lower body move with an upper body move, which increases the energy output and difficulty level of this workout. Don’t worry, the reps are shorter so you can focus on great technique! If you don’t have weights, Becca suggests using canned goods, water bottles, or doing the workout bodyweight. With several mobility moves worked in, this workout will leave you feeling better than when you started.

Total Body Bootcamp with Becca

A 15-30 minute circuit workout with TONS of variety! This workout will improve: balance, cardio, core, and total body strength. Short on time? Complete everything with me once. Need a longer sweat? Repeat as you have time! All reps are demonstrated.

Becca’s Total Body Dryland

A body weight session that requires no equipment! This circuit lists the reps for each exercise, with a 30 second rest protocol. This workout is designed to get your heart rate up while improving core and muscular strength in a dynamic, functional approach. Try to beat your wall sit time in each round! Aim for at least 3 rounds.

Bodyweight HIIT Workout (45-60 Minutes)

A 45-60 minute session that includes a dynamic warm up, challenging main set that includes 13 various exercises done on a :30 on/off interval, and a dynamic stretching cool down. Prepare to blast calories and improve your explosiveness!

Becca’s Med Ball Workout

A total body workout specifically designed for endurance athletes to improve balance, core strength, and muscular endurance all while keeping the heart rate up. All exercises done for 12 reps with a short :30 second rest- time passes quickly with this functional, dynamic sequence!

Total Body Mobility [Full, 15 Minute]

15 minutes to more resilient joints! Join Coach Becca for a dynamic total body mobility session that starts at the ankles and ends at the shoulders, hitting all the major joints in between. 3 types of CARS (Controlled Articular Rotations) are featured today to increase your mobility, functional range of motion, and joint control. Cheers!

Functional Strength for Endurance Athletes

Join me for a fantastic workout geared towards endurance athletes! Equipment is optional, but may enhance your session. The primary goal of this workout is to improve function and balance while strengthening the glutes, core, and upper body muscles specific to endurance athletes. This session is appropriate for all levels, just choose your weights wisely if you use them! If you’re not an endurance athlete, I invite you to give it a try anyways, as the movements we do reflect activities of daily life and may reduce your risk of injury. Lastly, if you want a full 40 minute workout, simply start the session over. Enjoy!

Holiday Burner Workout #1: Bodyweight

Welcome to the first of a new series: Holiday Burners! The holidays can be busy and stressful, so I designed a session that can be done in a pinch with minimal equipment. 25 minutes – including a warm up, functional bodyweight main set, and cool down stretch. There’s options for all levels, so I’m excited for you to give it a try! Stay tuned for weekly sessions to keep you on track this holiday season.

Holiday Burner #3: Medicine Ball

Hey guys! Let’s keep it moving (literally) this holiday season with simple but effective core-based workout. I’ll do the entire workout, as usual, with you and provide options for all levels. I loved the way I felt after this core-focused -but-still-total-body session! I used a 10# ball, but feel free to modify and adapt based on what you have and where your fitness is. Cheers!

At Home Kettlebell Workout

Join Coach Becca for an effective, calorie-burning, muscle-building 30 minute at-home session! This session is great for those newer to kettlebell training. Becca show proper lifting and entry techniques for safe, functional kettlebell training. Be sure to start with a lighter weight while watching Becca’s demonstration and listening to her form cues to improve your technique before using heavy weight. Coach Becca recommends tracking the weight you use, and doing this workout once per week. Gradually increase weight by no more than 10% as you consistently improve with your technique and strength with this great weekly workout!

Bodyweight Basics #2

Welcome back! Session #2 of Becca’s three part series includes gentle progressions from Session #1 as well as several stability – based cardio moves. All the movements target total body stability, mobility, strength and cardio. A mat is recommended. You may repeat this video for a 40 minute session if desired. Great for all levels!

25′ Functional Total Body Circuit

A 25 minute routine that guides you through a mobility and activation set, and moves into a functional, total body strength circuit. 9 exercises, done in a timed :30 on :10 off format. Coach Becca leads and demonstrates the whole thing, even the second set of the circuit. If you don’t have weights, grab two canned goods or full water bottles!

Towel Circuit Training

Warm Up Circuit • Strength Circuit • Cardio Circuit • Cool Down Circuit. One round of each circuit for a 20-25 minute session, or repeat each round for a 40-50 minute session. This workout is simple, effective, and functional. Improve your stamina, strength, coordination, core AND balance!

Superset Session with Becca

This body weight superset workout is a simple and effective workout. Supersets are the best bang for your buck when short on time, but want to burn as much as you can in the time you have. Perfect for athletes and recreational exercisers, as various levels are offered. This workout should take you 30-45 minutes.

Becca’s Total Body Workout (One Weight Needed)

Grab a weight, water bottle, or canned good to work your whole body AND get your heart rate pumping! This session was designed for athletes, swimmers specifically, to improve muscular strength, balance, agility, and power. Work for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds. Be sure to work for 1 minute on each side if a single sided exercise is shown. 3 rounds total, with stretching and mobility shown at the end for a dynamic cool down.

Total Body Kettlebell Workout

A great workout utilizing a kettlebell! If you don’t have a kettlebell, swap out an appropriately weighted dumbbell. The session starts with a dynamic 5-8 minute warm up, and then moves into a total body, functional, heart rate pumping main set. You will complete 2 sets of each exercise (reps listed for each) with :30-:60 rest. This workout is intermediate – advanced.

Becca’s Total Body Circuit (:60 ON, :30 OFF)

A body weight session that requires no equipment! Work for 1 minute, rest for :30 for a quick and effective total body and cardio workout.

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