Lower Body Workouts

15-Minute Knee Resilience

“I would but my knees are killing me.” If you’re sick of sitting out of fun activities or an exercise regimen because of chronic knee pain, then it’s time for a change! Join me for a 15 minute routine that can be done anywhere with no equipment. I recommend completing this 2-3 times a week for best results. Here’s to healthy knees and no excuses! Consult with a physician before beginning any new exercise program.

20′ Lower Body & Core Focused Stability and Strength

20 minutes from start to finish! This workout is great for all levels. Weights are optional for all movements. Improve your balance while toning your core and lower body with Coach Becca’s functional movements. This workout can easily be lengthened by starting it back from the beginning for a 40 minute workout.

Glutes & Core

Join me for a 25 minute functional Glute & Core workout! I use a kettlebell for two exercises and a step bench or chair for one exercise. Equipment is optional but may enhance your workout. This session is dedicated to the loving memory of “Papa” Don Grubb, who we recently lost to Covid-19 complications. Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen!

25′ Lower Body, Core, & Power Workout

No weights? No problem! Grab a chair, optional weights or canned goods, and get ready for a simple but effective lower body and core focused session. Be ready for a few power moves to zing the legs and blast some calories!

Lower Body & Core

Coach Becca uses her collegiate soccer/running and competitive cycling background to develop a functional lower body and core session that’s great for all levels! A medicine ball and mat is recommended for today’s workout, but beginners try do this with bodyweight or with a light form of resistance instead.

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