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Stretching, Yoga, Meditation

Decompression Session

Enjoy a 15 minute routine that is great for relieving stress and joint stiffness! All levels welcome.

Holiday “Burn” # 4: Stretching!

The holidays (and life/working out in general) can be VERY stressful; it is important to slow down and mindfully connect with our bodies. This session specifically targets flexibility and mobility in all joints and muscles. I’m excited for you to try it! Enjoy this session daily or once a week, but the more you do it the better your flexibility will get! 🙂 Cheers! You will need a towel and a chair or table for today’s workout.

6′ Mobility Flow

Increase your range of motion, stamina, and balance with this simple and effective series. Be mindful of your breathing, and use this as a time to reflect on your sessions, or clear your mind completely. Enjoy!

De-Stress Routine

Feeling stressed? Take 5 minutes to unwind with this energizing and calming sequence. No equipment needed. Improve your flexibility and mood in just 5 minutes.

Meditation Flow

Unwind with Coach Becca as she guides you through an energizing, simple flow. This 15 minute session is sure to leave you feeling better than when you started!

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