Post Run Routine – New Workout Video!

Join Coach Becca and her coach/husband, Elliot, in 20 minutes of post-run injury prevention movements. You may use equipment (foam roller, PVC pipe, ankle band) if desired. Elliot and Becca will demonstrate each exercise, one will use equipment while the other will do a bodyweight option. This workout is perfect for all levels!

New Workout Video! Arms and Core

Grab a set of light to moderate weights and join me for a functional upper body and core session! This 20 minute workout relies on short rest to ensure an effective, toning focused result. Improve your range of motion and balance while toning trouble spots. As always, I will demonstrate each rep (typically reps of 12 today) and cue each functional movement. See you next time for Legs & Core!

Just Core – New Workout Video!

Join me as I lead a functional core session great for all levels! Just over 20 minutes, this session also incorporates mobility training to improve posture. My fundamental core concepts incorporate core stability exercises, strengthening your core from the INSIDE out! Enjoy!

30-Minute TRX Circuit Training (Full Length Video)

Join me in my fourth and final series workout: circuit training! Circuit training is great for those crunched for time but want an excellent workout. I keep it functional and challenging with multiplanar and compound movements. This session is timed, so your heart rate will certainly stay elevated! 3 circuits of 4 exercises (each circuit done twice) with a warm up and warm down. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Advanced TRX Workout with Becca!

The third installment of my TRX series…

This workout begins with a dynamic, functional warm before a challenging main set. Becca demonstrates how to adjust the straps for each exercise and explains how to increase or decrease intensity. Be prepared for tough supersets, challenging movements, and a lot of learning! The best part? You’ll be done in 25 minutes!

Tune in for my final session next week: TRX circuit training!

To view my complete video collection, please click here!

Complete Intermediate TRX Workout

Coach Becca demonstrates a dynamic, 5 minute warm up with the TRX before going through a challenging, 15 minute main set. Great for anyone looking to up their game from her Basic TRX workout. Her commentary and demonstrations show how to make exercises easier or harder.

To view Becca’s complete video collection, please click here!